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Gilderoy Lockhart After Dark

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Back in 2017, I decided to be Gilderoy Lockhart from Harry Potter for Halloween. It wound up being my favorite Halloween costume ever. I took some photos and a couple of videos. (Maybe I’ll find and post those later.) Last Halloween Janelle found a smooth jazz track, and I had the idea of doing a video titled Gilderoy Lockhart After Dark (slightly thinking of the Dukakis After Dark sketch that Jon Lovitz did for Saturday Night Live in 1988.

Gilderoy starts out in his normal narcissistic self-promotion, but then he has a little too much whiskey, and well, you just need to watch it.

Turn on that smooth jazz, put the children to bed, and tune in to Gilderoy Lockhart After Dark.

There’s something about playing Gilderoy that takes me back to my old theater days with the Timberlane Players and a particular NPC priest of the Silver Dawn that I played back in my Live Action Role-Playing days in New England. Some characters are just fun to play, and Gilderoy (for whatever reason, perhaps because he’s so different from me) is chef among them.

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