About the Blog:

Of the Way is an eclectic weblog which may touch on a variety of topics ranging from theology and politics to sports and video games.  It might contain anything and everything that interests the author.

Why is the blog now titled Of the Way?

The author’s last name is French.  “Du chemin” means “of the road” or “of the way.”  There is another level of meaning in this choice of blog title.  In the French translation by Louis Segond, John 14:6 reads “Jésus lui dit: Je suis le chemin, la vérité, et la vie. Nul ne vient au Père que par moi.”

About the Author:

Michael Duchemin, Jr. lives in Concord, NC with his wife, Shelley, and their children Janelle, Eli, and Anya.  He is a member of Holy Trinity Reformed Church in the same town.

He grew up in Sandown, NH and graduated from Timberlane Regional High School in 1999.  He received a B.A. in Music in 2002 from the University of New Hampshire in Durham, which qualified him to drive people to the airport, work briefly as a mover, subcontract for FedEx Home Delivery, and deliver flowers.  He was eventually able to convince someone in the corporate world to hire him by a dazzling combination of smoke, mirrors, and nepotism.

Michael has done extensive independent study in the realms of Christian apologetics, philosophy, politics, fiction, economics, history, and theology.  (He is weird enough to have studied such things in his free time.  Hopefully it will at least make for an interesting blog.)

Michael is the founder and sole content provider for Stateless Code, a resource for teaching people how to code with over 200 published videos.

Michael completed two years as a  ministerial student at Christus Rex Study Center, a ministry of Christ Church in Cary, NC.  He does not know at this time whether God will call him to pastor a church in the future, but wishes to emulate the “Here am I; send me” attitude of Isaiah.  Even if he does not end up in the pastorate, he has faith that this training helped better equip him to be a husband, father, and church member.

Author’s Disclosure:

The third person is so stuffy and passé; let’s switch to first.  Neutrality is a myth.  Nobody is neutral, and no Christian ought to be neutral.  Rather than leaving the reader to speculate as to what my point of view might be, I’m going to disclose it outright.  Unlike those who try to hide behind faux neutrality, I am not ashamed of my biases.  My ultimate bias is that I believe the Bible is the inerrant, perfect Word of the Triune God.  All of my other biases are subject to correction if they are shown to be contrary to Scripture.

I am a Calvinist when it comes to soteriology, postmillennial in eschatology, theonomic in ethics, presuppositional in apologetics.  I love to sing psalms and I mean them when I sing them, but I am not a cranky exclusive-psalmody-type.  I believe in covenant baptism and covenant communion (where the cup should be wine and not grape juice).

I stand in opposition to the modern state (and modernity in general).  In the years since I started this blog, I have become progressively more libertarian (and eventually anarchist) in my outlook. I’m in favor of (radically) free markets, and opposed to intervention (foreign and domestic) by the state.  I’m vehemently opposed to government schools.  I detest the police state and support the concepts of jury nullification and local nullification of unjust laws.  I’m in favor of dark beer, and I hate Abraham Lincoln.

I have many other biases, which you will be sure to discover as you read my blog.


This blog is powered by WordPress.  Podcasting is powered by podPress.  I had coded the previous incarnation of this blog by hand using some PHP, I decided that there was no sense trying to reinvent the wheel. As such my blog now supports comments.  The theme design is adapted from the Press Row theme design by Chris Pearson.

Unless otherwise notated, all Scripture quotations come from the King James Version because it’s Public Domain, and I’m cheap.  I really don’t feel like having a swarm of Zondervan lawyers decsend upon me like locusts for using too much of “their” Bible.  (Don’t look at me like that.  The KJV might even improve your vocabulary.  You’ll thank me later…)

Guidelines for Comments:

Due to the proliferation of spam bots out on the web, you will need to become a registered user in order to comment on the blog.  Otherwise I will spend 20 minutes a day moderating spam comments.  Please make your comments as succinct as possible and keep them to the subject of the post.  Refrain from using foul language unless there is absolutely no other way your thoughts can be accurately expressed.  (Comments may be deleted if they are inappropriate.)  Feel free to cross examine my ideas and challenge me if you disagree with something.


To the extent possible under law, Michael Duchemin has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Of the Way. This work is published from: United States.