Wednesday, October 8th, 2008...12:31 am

The battle rages on…

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…for my utter contempt between McCain and Obama.  I was only able to stomach about 35 minutes of this evening’s presidential debate.

It was a fiercely contested battle as to who is the most economically ignorant candidate, heavily seasoned with cheap shots toward the other candidate (which, incidentally, were the most truthful portions of the debate).

The idea that this kind of economic disaster can be solved by additional money being spent in the public sector is just lunacy.  It’s right out of the Hoover/Roosevelt playbook.  If American ingenuity and creativity is the best in the world, it has been so despite the fact that the parasites within the beltway steal 50% of the private sector’s potential productivity.

Do you want energy independence?  Get the government away from energy.  (This includes doing away with monopolistic government corporatism.)  Do you want affordable health care?  Get the government out of the picture.  All of the regulations passed in Washington are done for the benefit of big business special interests in order to keep small businesses from breaking into the market.  Do you want to make this inevitable correction of the Greenspan/Bernanke bubbles easier on the little guy?  Get rid of minimum wage laws and protectionist tariffs.  There’s nothing patriotic about paying more than a product is worth.

Both of these men voted to fleece the American taxpayers out of $850 billion in the Middle Class Elimination Bailout of ’08.  I can’t believe that McCain can talk in public about resisting pork laden monstrosities less than a week after voting for that oinkfest.  These men have less than zero credibility.  If you think that either of these men are capable of leading this country, then I have some mortgage-backed securities to sell you.

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