Friday, October 24th, 2008...7:56 pm

Pro-lifers as pawns

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Yesterday on, G.C. Dilsaver wrote a very good piece titled Christians and the Pro-Life Ploy about how the pro-life Christians have been duped into supporting myriad evils based upon the illusionary hope of destroying the evil of abortion.  He argues rather persuasively that the Republican and Democratic parties are merely two sides of the same coin.  He refers to the current set-up as “The Two Party Axis of Evil.”  Definitely worth reading.

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  • I call it “Christian Appeasement.” Christians have been told for years that we should back Republicans for a number of years, mostly in return for empty promises. For a while, we were told that the GOP would return prayer to our public schools. They’re not even talking about it anymore … they’d already bought too many of us off. Now, it’s abortion.

    In return, we’ve wound up backing politicians plainly hostile to the teachings of Christ. I get really sick of seeing Christian gatherings propping up pols who were expelled from office in corruption or adultery scandals, just because they were good on issues.

    By the way, I found a number of your comments on my blog that had been thrown into Spam for some reason. Sorry about that. I’m trying to figure out why that happened … I promise, you’re more than welcome to make comments.

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