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Brief review of Through New Eyes by James Jordan

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My first Christus Rex Study Center (CRSC) book.  Jordan attempts to develop a Biblical worldview based on the symbolism of the Bible.  He looks at stars, trees, rocks, animals, etc., in terms of their symbolic significance in the Bible and then looks at the different “worlds” of Noah, the Patriarchs, the Mosaic establishment, the Davidic establishment, the worlds of exile and restoration, and the New Creation showing how these symbols are transformed from glory to glory.  There is a lot to mine out of this book and could stand to be read several times.  In a sense, Jordan’s book is Van Tilianism applied at a “rhetoric” or “poetic” level.  Jordan makes and cites many of the Old Testament observations that Meredith G. Kline makes, but without falling into the trap of believing that because these things are types, symbols, and poetry they don’t apply to us today.  It also has an interesting footnote trail and a brief bibliography that I would like to have  followed if I didn’t have to get on to my next book.  You can tell that Jordan has done his homework (and then some), but the presentation of the book is quite readable and accessible to the layman.  The brilliant connections and keen observations Jordan makes left me wishing the book would never end.  Grade: A+


  • I was mildly surprised to see this as one of your reading assignments. I am finding it to be an amazing analysis of scripture. I am pleased that your study program not only includes it, but starts with it.

  • I only have one book left for Thinking Biblically I and so far Through New Eyes is still my favorite book I’ve read for the class.

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