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Brief review of Back to Basics

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This is a great summary of Biblical Christianity (a.k.a. “Calvinism”).  There are four sections of this book.  “Back to Conversion” is written by Doug Wilson, an able and concise presentation of the reformed view of soteriology (the doctrine of salvation).  “Back to the Covenant” is written by Doug Jones and presents the basics of thinking covenantally and an overview of redemptive history.  Although not as detailed, it is basically in line with Jordan’s Through New Eyes.  Roger Wagner wrote “Back to the Church” which essentially presents the Presbyterian view of ecclesiology.  Wagner (I believe rightly) prefers John Murray’s distinction between the historical and eschatological church to the Westminster Confession’s distinction between the visible and invisible church.  When he treats the sacraments he defends paedobaptism and is essentially agnostic on the subject of paedocommunion.  The final section “Back to the Christian Life” is written by David Hagopian, who also edited the volume.  deals with justification, glorification,  and calling/vocation.  This book would be a great book study for a church group or a book to recommend to somebody who is curious about reformed Christianity.  Grade: A-

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