Wednesday, November 25th, 2009...2:43 am

A brief review of “A Little Exercise for Young Theologians” by Helmut Thielicke

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This little 41 page booklet is essentially an adaptation of the first lecture Thielicke would give to new students.  It warns new theological students of the “spiritual sicknesses” that frequently befall theology students.  He compares the period of theological training to puberty in that there are a lot of changes going on and the maturity of the student often fails to keep pace with their (at least imagined) level of  knowledge.  Doug Wilson often talks about the “quarantine period” that people (especially young men) should undergo after becoming Calvinists.  Thielicke’s advice is practical and he knew enough of these situations to be able to validate the concerns of many a congregation that has sent a young man off to seminary and not liked the result.  I’m not sure I digested everything fully.  I imagine I’ll read this again from time to time.  Grade: A-

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