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A brief review of Easy Chairs, Hard Words by Douglas Wilson

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Presented as a series of conversations between a seasoned pastor and a young man who is beginning to ask questions about what is popularly known as “Calvinism,” this book presents the doctrines of grace accurately and pastorally.  At only 150 pages this would be the perfect book to give to somebody who is working through the same questions in his own life without overwhelming him.  The fictional pastor, Martin Spenser, answers the anonymous young man’s questions about key doctrines in a forthright and humble manner.  Spenser (rightly) always points the young man to Scripture and encourages him to submit to the Bible.  He also provides warnings against pride and embracing caricatures that are especially pertinent to those who already embrace the doctrines of grace.  Because of its brevity and its date of publication (1991) it is largely silent on the current intramural controversies about the nature of the covenant.  Grade: A

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