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Arthur St. Clair on the U.S. Constitution

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Arthur St. Clair was one of the Presidents of the United States who served before the current Constitution went into effect.  The presidents before Washington have been [intentionally?] neglected in conventional studies of history.  St. Clair, like fellow Anti-Federalist Patrick Henry, was a vocal critic of the Constitution, and has been proven right by history:

“I foresee the day when rights will subsume responsibilities, where the poor and the despised will become wage slaves of the elites; and the mercantilism that we have fought against and the tyranny that we have stood against will be swallowed by the average American citizen.  And they will call that ‘freedom’.”

Update: This has been pinged a couple of times.  I realized that I forgot to cite the source I gleaned this from.  It comes from a lecture by George Grant from the 1999 Association of Classical and Christians Schools (ACCS) Conference titled “Dumb and Dumber: The Desperate Need for Covenantal and Christian Education.”  It is available from Word MP3 here.


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