Saturday, August 21st, 2010...11:34 am

Nullification, Pot, and Roe

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Last week, Doug Wilson just posted on jury and state nullification here, and it prompted me to talk about a few things that had been percolating around in my head for quite some time.  I had written about jury nullification before, but it had disappeared from being online.  I found it on my hard drive and reposted it here.

Anyway, nullification has made a comeback in the past few months, and I’m glad of it.  Aside from Doug’s post, Tom Woods has written a recent book about it and been interviewed by a zombie.  Anyway, we have seen a lot of interesting developments lately, and I decided to record my thoughts as the first Of the Way podcast.  I know I’m more likely to listen to something at my desk than to read a blog, and I thought at least some of my readers might have similar preferences.

“Can I Tell You” by Kansas can be purchased on iTunes, or by going here or here.


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