Saturday, November 15th, 2008...12:25 am

It’s an Obamanation.

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Well, I’m back from vacation.

While I was gone, there has been a major coup for those of you who love the State.  I’m not surprised.  President Bush has been so horrible while in office that he guaranteed a big Obama victory.  McCain got Bob-Doled.  Hard.

McCain wouldn’t have been much better than Obama (not at all better on most issues and even worse on a few), but at least with one party having the White House and the other controlling Capitol Hill, there would have been the possibility for gridlock.  The Obama presidency /  Republican congress combination would have yielded the most gridlock unless McCain died in office, but instead there will barely enough people to filibuster and that only if the Republicans grow a collective backbone.  I’m not holding my breath.  Government is a scary thing when it can get things “accomplished” without opposition.

I’m mildly amused about the emails I get from conservative groups about how we need to “resist” the new administration.  Funny that these things didn’t happen when Bush was suspending habeas corpus, say.  I think that an Obamanation can be worse than the Bush administration, but I don’t believe that it necessarily will be worse, especially if the legislature turns Republican in 2010.

Thankfully Hillary wasn’t elected, so the likelihood of homeschoolers being imprisoned forever without a trial during the first 100 days of the Administration is slim.

Sadly, there is little to be excited about in terms of small government people being elected to office.  Ron Paul ran unopposed and was reelected to Congress, but Bob Conley got clobbered by Big State Republican Lindsey Graham, and BJ Lawson lost big to the evil David Price.

For the most part, I will just resign myself to being oppressed by my government like a peasant being burninated as his thatched-roof cottage is set ablaze by Trogdor the Burninator.  It’s not the end of the world, contrary to what the Chicken Little types say.  There have been worse rulers before.  There will be worse rulers again.  Jesus Christ reigns over the world from the right hand of the Father Almighty now as He did before.  His kingdom will know no end.

If Obama starts requiring people to worship him, I might grab a pitchfork (guns likely being outlawed by that time).  God has a sense of humor, especially when it comes to discrediting false messiahs.

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