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The wacky, circular world of ACC football

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It was a rather strange year for ACC football in which every team except for Duke and Virginia is bowl eligible.  During the regular season:

Duke beat Virginia

Virginia beat Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech beat Clemson

Clemson beat Boston College

Boston College beat Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech beat Maryland

Maryland beat Wake Forest

Wake Forest beat Florida State

Florida State beat NC State

NC State beat UNC

UNC beat Miami

Miami beat Duke

There are several ways I could have gotten from Point A, around the circle, and back to Point A.  To make matters even weirder, there were some great non-conference wins and some horrible non-conference losses.

Georgia Tech beat Georgia (the preseason number 1)

NC State lost 41-10 against South Florida (who are 2-4 in the Big East)

Clemson beat up on South Carolina

Wake Forest lost to Navy

Maryland beat California (ranked 23 at the time)

That same Maryland team lost to Middle Tennessee (yes, Middle Tennessee) the week before.

Duke beat an SEC team.  (Granted, it was Vanderbilt.)

Virginia Tech lost to East Carolina.

Wake Forest beat Mississippi, the only team to defeat Florida.

It has really been a difficult season to pin down.  Of the 12 ACC teams, 9 have been ranked at some point of the season, but most of the time it has been between 20 and 25 when they were ranked.

If Middle Tennessee beat Maryland, and Maryland beat Wake Forest, and Wake Forest beat Ole Miss, and Ole Miss beat Florida, does that mean that Middle Tennessee could beat Florida?  No.  It just means the ACC has been wildly inconsistent.

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